Hi, I'm Liss. I'm a self-taught artist, accidental Canberran, mother to Frankie & Greta, fugitive public servant, and painter of Australian native birds. 

When I was a child, my mother bred birds. I picked up the paintbrush after birthing my first daughter, Frankie, in 2014. What began then came to fruition with the arrival of Greta and the launch of this business in late 2016. It is a true delight to bring your innermost creative self to the world. The will to do so is the highest gift brought to me by my children.  

I work with watercolours, because I love the accidental victories of chaos over precision. My paintings are detailed, realistic, vibrant and (mostly!) big. It takes me weeks to months to paint each one. My easel is a table next to the bassinet, and my hours consist of nap-time. I'm on a quest to know & share the character and beauty of Australia's unique birds. 

 If you like what I do, please join my email list. You'll be first to hear about new paintings, most of which sell before they reach my shop. I'll be sharing insights into my creative process, and inviting you to help shape my work. I'd love to have you on board.